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Shahada Sisters is a Virtual Community of New Muslims Revert and Born Muslimah’s  which was formed in 2021 from a facebook group researching Revert sisters and there need to bridge the gap to access the Islamic Community and other Revert sisters globally following my entrepreneurial training course with other Revert sister and was born of a group discussion the term #bigisterinyourpocket style Mobile app discussion was born

We mostly all have groups of friends colleagues  family members we speak too on a daily basis and social networking sites do help connect us , but at  reverts its felt we can often miss out on the socio-cultural side of not knowing many Muslim sisters and few if any Muslim Revert sisters or family to help guide and protect us against the isolation and sometimes lack of representation , often we can we are living in isolation or the only other Muslim we know is our Husband who could also me Isolated from his family of origin culture and faith after Reading  Shahada and declaring we are now a Muslim .The Shahada , also transliterated as Shahadah, is an Islamic oath and creed, and one of the Five Pillars of Islam and part of the Adhan. It reads: "I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God."

Shahada Sisters Worldwide Social has been providing  access to other revert sisters with similar needs  needs for access to information , community Deen and accountability within our families and Communities  and practicing and learning salah and living the 5 pillars of Islam Mashallah (As Allah SAW has willed)  

Shahada sisters has provided groups information webinars and has always been in collaborations’’ with sister’s  globally to specify the unique gifts and challenges of sisters seeking and groin gin here Deen and Born Muslim sisters able to provide leadership outreach befriending and accountability we have done this through our You tube channel via online webinars , learning to pray together and sharing and gathering information from experts in there field that have generously given to us as a group


Inshallah (If Allah SAW wills it)

Shahada Sisters World wide is to provide a a free to download  from iOS and and android ap stores an Islamic Muslimah Mobile Application  with we connect Muslimah’s to their goals, interests, aspirations, and community. We provide tools for Muslimah’s to practice their faith and a personalized stream of content and ideas that engage and inspire Revert sisters , wherever they are. With accurate prayer time Anzan and many well laid Quran knowledge and learning features as well as blogs advice support from other Revert Muslims and its own secure sisters only social media platform to have your own profiles groups chats in ap calling messing to connect in real time with other big sister born muslins wishing to make friends give dawah and grow in Uma and proved the platform for supporting Reverts and new Muslims to continue to practice being a Muslim and thrive in solitude but not isolation with there new faith securely without data collection and preserving modesty an all women space  for a small fee to ensure security and longitude of updating the soft ware  we are aiming to launch the App in the summer of 2023  and will be available in English Urdu and Arabic

The ethos is too produce a traditional all sister “back room” environment online were access to this kind of community may have been denied or access to learning masjids for some sisters maybe remote and the sister may have found themself “orphaned “ by there families of origin ,

As revert sisters the transformation is incredible and yet we dont get many opportunities  to share and acknowledge this incredible journey Shahada Sisters will provide a positive platform for Muslim women to come together and share not compromise their Taqwa( Fear of God )

Alhamdulillah for Everything! “All praise and gratitude belongs to Allah in every situation”

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